Major changes

  • Include a section about confounder testing to the vignette

Minor changes

  • Bugfixes in several functions


Major changes

  • Constructor function has been changed quite extensively:
    • automatically runs validate.features in the beginning
    • inputs have to be named
    • more flexible label input
  • Change in SIAMCAT object structure:
    • new slots for filtered and normalized data
    • new slots for assocation testing results
    • original feature slot has been deprecated
  • Pipeline versatility has been increased:
    • almost every function takes as arguments on which type of feature it should operate (original, filtered, normalized)
  • Deprecation of read.features and read.meta functions
  • New vignettes and update of old vignettes
  • New functions to read in data in specialized formats
  • Additional plots for the check.confounders module