This function checks if labels are available for all samples in features. Additionally validates metadata, if available., verbose = 1)



an object of class siamcat-class


integer, control output: 0 for no output at all, 1 for only information about progress and success, 2 for normal level of information and 3 for full debug information, defaults to 1


an object of class siamcat-class


This function validates the data by checking that labels are available for all samples in the feature matrix. Furthermore, the number of samples per class is checked to ensure a minimum number. If metadata is available, the overlap between labels and metadata is checked as well.

This function is run when a siamcat-class object is created.



# should be run before completing the pipeline
# since the complete pipeline had been run on siamcat_example, we
# construct a new siamcat object for the example
feat <- orig_feat(siamcat_example)
label <- label(siamcat_example)
siamcat <- siamcat(feat=feat, label=label, validate=FALSE)
#> Warning: ### Not validating the SIAMCAT object!!!
#> 	Please be advised that some functions may not work correctly!
siamcat <-, verbose=2)
#> + starting
#> + Keeping labels of 141 sample(s).
#> + finished in 0.003 s